´I use the vessel as a sculptural form of expression, and the surface as a canvas for my drawings. The ceramics I make are related to an ongoing exploration of cymatics, visual dynamics, kinetics and movement. Mark-making and decoration are equally as important as form.  I attempt to work with spontaneity, pushing the material to its limit, making pieces that allude to a sense of fluidity and weightlessness. I´m in constant search of rhythm and balance, the fundamental elements of nature. In the firing it becomes possible to freeze clay in its vitrified state, register delicate traces of graceful lines, and capture the essence of a fleeting moment in time. 

Drawing, painting, and working with clay have been an integral part of my life since very early childhood. After studying art history, fine art, sculpture, photography, glass, jewellery, design and ceramics, clay became my chosen material due to its versatility, ability to take on any three-dimensional shape, and singular responsiveness to the human touch.  My sculptural works often explore references to socio-political ideas, current affairs, daily life,  or environmental issues´.

– Interview for ´The Scottish Potters Association´ in 2003


Corrie Bain was born in Northern Scotland, and brought up in Greece. 
She studied classical drawing and painting in Greece, and Art History in Glasgow. In 2002 she was an exchange student at Alfred University in New York where she studied Contemporary Ceramics and Glaze Calculation Theory with Andrea Gill, John Gill, and Wayne Higby. In 2003 she graduated with an Honours Degree from Edinburgh College of Art after completing a Bachelor of Arts in Design and Applied Arts, specialising in Ceramics. She was taught by Mick Brettle, Craig Mitchell, Sarah-Jane-Selwood, Ken Eastman, Nicolas Arroyave-Portela, Stevphen Dixon, and Dave Roberts
Professional life
She exhibited at the ´New Designers´ Exhibition in London in 2003, internationally in galleries in Scotland, England, Italy, Crete, and the Benaki Museum Gallery in Athens, Greece. She started teaching ceramics full time and ran a residential summer school in Greece from 2003-2006. Here she experimented with a wide variety of high-firing techniques such as reduction, oxidation, salt, wood, saggar, pit, raku, smoke, and black firing. In 2007 she emigrated to South Korea to learn from local Korean ceramicists in the village of Anseong in Gyeonggi-do Province, near Icheon. She visited workshops and worked with ceramicists such as Lee Yeounhyu, Lee In Chin, Lee Kang Hyo, Yoo Kwangyul, and Han Ho Hyon. She attended the 'Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale' in 2009 as a visiting artist, where she met Phil Rogers, Janet Mansfield, and John Britt.  After South Korea, she travelled to North Korea, China, Japan, and Thailand to research the history of oriental ceramics. In China she travelled to Beijing, Xian, Yunnan, Yixing, and attended porcelain workshops at ´The Pottery Workshop´ in Jingdezhen in China. By recommendation of Phil Rogers and Korean ceramist Hyejeong Kim, she met and took a workshop with Shoji Hamada´s grandson Tomoo Hamada in the pottery village of Mashiko in Japan. She then went on to Bizen, Japan. Since moving back to Europe to live in Barcelona, has continued to study ceramics with English ceramist Seth Cardew, her teacher and mentor.
Current works
She now makes semi-functional and sculptural ceramics in a range of different clays including porcelain, white stoneware, and black stoneware. She is currently making socio-political works related to the Syrian refugee crisis and Brexit.
Future Exhibitions
Her next exhibition will be the ´Documenta 14´. Documenta is an exhibition of contemporary art which takes place every five years in Kassel, Germany. The work she will be exhibiting is a collaborative piece called ´Banquet Table Tales´ designed by multidisciplinary artist Antoni Miralda. It is exhibited in the Grimm Brothers Museum, shown alongside the works of political activist Ai Wei Wei. The piece is a wall installation measuring 11x4metres, and took over a year to complete. It is made of 60 large ceramic pieces, each of which have sculptural interventions depicting Grimm Brothers fairy tales. 
Permanent Collections
The Grimm Brothers Museum, Kassel, Germany
Ceramics Review Magazine
Scottish Potters Magazine
Present Day
Since 2009, she has been working as a ceramics teacher, technician, and manager at ElTorn School of Ceramics in Barcelona, where she rents a private studio to make ceramics for exhibitions, art galleries, and private commissions.

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